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Our vetted & approved tree surgeons undergo a thoroughly inspected criteriato be certified and approved by us.

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There are 2 types of listing that you can register with us.

  1. You will need to firstly register or claim (if already in our database) a business directory listing.
  2. You will then have an option once registered to apply to be upgraded to vetted and verified.

To be considered by our team for a vetted and verified status, we require you to submit specific criteria of information that can be found with your account once registered. Here you can submit your vetted and verified application. We will vet your submission and make a decision if we find that you have met our criteria. If accepted, your business will be awarded a vetted & verified status.

We realise that not all businesses will reach a vetted & verified status with us. Our aim is to provide a high standard across the tree surgeon & arborist industry. And we will encourage all tree surgeons and arborists over time to work towards the standards that we set to achieve this status. You can maintain a directory listing without a vetted and verified status. Vetted & verified listings will benefit from being at the top of the directory listings and being able to use our arb approved media kit.

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