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Our arborists provide a wide range of services from forestry tree removals to small tree pruning, hedge trimming to stump grinding and tree surveys.

Take a look at some of the services we offer:

Choosing a tree surgeon local to you

Tree Surgeons Norwich are a professional team of qualified tree surgeons and arborists, working in all manners of tree surgery services. For over 20 years, we have provided tree care services to the businesses and homes of Norwich and the surrounding towns and villages. All tree work is met with expertise, passion and safety in mind.

Established in 2000 in the heart of Norwich, we maintain our promise to be the trusted tradesman in the tree surgeon industry. Delivering exceptional levels of service to our clients means they come back again. Just see our reviews.

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What is a tree surgeon and how can we help you?

A tree surgeon (or arborists) is a tradesman qualified to care for a tree’s health and maintain trees safely. Being one of the most dangerous jobs a tree surgeon has qualifications to undertake tree work and give advice.

Tree surgeons have a variety of skills to manage and advise on trees. These skills help them operate in various environments in both the domestic and commercial areas.

It is for this reason, you should not attempt tree care or any tree work without a qualified arborist. Our Norwich based tree surgeons are for hire to prevent damage and injury to yourself, others and to the trees.

What is a tree surgeon Norwich

What does a tree surgeon do?

Tree surgeons main role is to undertake tree inspections and maintenance (services), therefore a whole host of services are available to you.

Inspection, assessment and advice

Initially, we will assess hazards to have an understanding of the tree’s health and any dangers it poses a threat to itself or the surrounding environment. Secondly, we will discuss your requirements.

Our tree surgeons will discuss with you and decide on:

  • what work must be performed
  • how long the work will take
  • the cost involved

It’s also extremely important we identify any disruptions or risk to public or property when we assess the work that is needed.

Our Tree Care Services Cover Norwich

Now your tree care has been assessed, we can advise on the work that is needed. This could be pruning the tree or cutting it down completely. Pruning techniques are used to help a tree from causing damage to itself or property.

  • Crown Reduction may be used to prevent a tree from damaging or obstructing nearby property or buildings. This is done by trimming the outer canopy of the tree.
  • Crown Raising is used to remove lower branches obstructing pathways and roads.
  • Crown Thinning helps reduce wind resistance by selectively removing inner branches of the tree. This will make the tree lighter helping reduce the stress on branches.

In other cases, removing or trimming branches just won’t help. Tree felling, to remove the tree completely is needed when a tree is dead or a threat to the safety of the public.

Furthermore, we can get rid of that problematic stump using specialised equipment. This tree stump removal process is called stump grinding

Our tree surgeons are not only here for your tree cutting and pruning needs, but we are also highly skilled in tree planting and their future maintenance.

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Reviews By Locals.

A fantastic service by these arborist. Tidied and cleaned the area after felling a large oak tree.

M Collington, Norwich

Our property was too close to a huge tree, so these tree surgeons reduced it back and made the view more pleasant.

J Lothian, Hellesdon

A hedge was really overgrown and looked like it was dying. This team came out and removed it, now I have my driveway back.

L Daniels, Hethersett

An extremely professional service by these guys. Advised me on a Mortgage Tree Report when selling our property.

P Thomlinson, Thorpe St Andrew

This company has never failed me when giving me tree advice on our estate. Thank you for the continued great service.

C Brigante, Mildenhall

Due to the recent storms, we had a tree fell across our private driveway. Fortunately, we hired Tree Surgeons Norwich who were marvellous at the removal.

M Larry, Drayton